* * * * * * * NEW HIRING INCENTIVE PROGRAM THROUGH JUNE 30, 2021 * * * * * *
Lateral Officers and Academy Graduates are eligible for a hiring bonus of up to $10,000. The hiring bonus shall be paid as follows:

Lateral Officers:
$2,500 at time of hire
$2,500 upon successful completion of FTO program
$2,500 upon successful completion of probationary period

$2,500 upon successful completion of 2nd year of service

Academy Graduates:
$2,500 at time of hire
$2,500 upon successful completion of probationary period
$2,500 upon successful completion of 2nd year of service
$2,500 upon successful completion of 3rd year of service

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Educational reimbursement

Several specialty assignments

3/4 12 hour schedule on patrol

Assigned vehicle program

3@50 Retirement for eligible officers

Continuing training


Fairfield PD not only offers a competitive salary and compensation package, but also has several key features that set us apart from other agencies. Some of them are highlighted below: